come to a complete halt and employees across the globe are working remotely. With such a drastic change brought about almost overnight, everyone’s professional lives have been impacted, some more severely than others.

One major challenge that organisations now face is dealing with the demotivation that employees are experiencing while working from home. Not being able to meet colleagues, collaborate in person, and socialise
together has affected employee morale. Working from the comfort of their homes has also meant that work-life balance has gone for a toss.

Owing to these issues, managers and HRs have had to look for ways that keep employee morale and engagement high even during the social distancing era. It helped that organisations also realised that to thrive in the new normal, the remote working environment would have to be optimised,

Below are some measures that have helped organisations during the work from home era.

Mental health wellness sessions

Uncertainty has been known to trigger stress and anxiety. Physical offices have been shut for a year now, nations have been under lockdown and economies have been suffering. It is natural then that employees are anxious about job security, leading to feelings of being lost and depressed. Given the stress, employees have not been able to deliver results.

All of this can be taken care of with mental health sessions wh

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